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Welcome To Dog Food Insider Hi there and welcome to DogFoodInsider.com! This website was created by dog owners for dog owners. The site is designed to help dog owners make informed decisions about the food they are feeding their dogs and learn about dog nutrition. Many people are waking up to the fact that human food is often made with poor standards. If that's the case, just imagine what they are doing to the food we feed our pets!

Dog Food Reviews - Done Right

I am not a dog food or dog nutrition expert. I also did not feel comfortable writing unbiased dog food reviews on a website I have complete ownership in. So, I went out and found independent and highly knowledgeable expert reviewers to create every dog food review you'll find on this site. Contributors to this website are compensated one time for each review. They have no ownership in the site and do not receive anything for promoting one brand over another. With these checks and balances in place, our reviews will always be totally 100% unbiased.

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Our reviews are very lengthy and detailed, but if you scroll to the bottom of any dog food review page, you will find an open commenting section. Our comment sections are ONLY moderated for SPAM, personal attacks, deliberate misinformation, or obvious "trolling." If you disagree with one of our reviews, we encourage you to give your input! Our open commenting policy helps to keep us and everyone else honest. Just another level of checks and balances we've added to this site.

Be Careful Where You Buy From!

Dog FoodUnfortunately, most dog food sold in typical grocery stores is not the highest quality available. Not to mention the pain of dragging a big bag of dog food home from the store. This website is designed to show you what dog food is the best. From there, you need to find a reputable place to buy it. We very highly recommend you purchase all of your dog food from one of two places. The best choice is by purchasing directly from a small and locally owned pet food supply store. Not only does it help a local business in your local economy, but generally small business owners care more about the products they sell and know exactly where their products are coming from. If you don't have a reputable and locally owned pet store available to you, our next recommendation is by simply using Amazon.com. Most dog food brands work directly with Amazon and just like most other products, Amazon has a huge selection including brands you won't find in the grocery store. Plus, if you click on any of the Amazon links on this website, we earn a very small commission on your total purchase (no matter what you buy). The commission received helps us expand this site and review even more brands, so we sure do appreciate the help!

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While our main focus is on reviewing as many brands of dog food as possible, there are many other sections of the site that may assist you as a dog owner. Please take a look at some of our more popular areas of the site below, or simply use the menu to the right or the drop down menu above. You may also use the search box in the top right corner of the site to search for anything specific that you're looking for. Thank you so much for dropping by! I hope you find this website to be informative, honest, and helpful!

Dog Food Reviews

Dog Food ReviewsThese dog food reviews are the most honest and detailed reviews you'll find on the web. We've spent countless hours researching, reviewing, and analyzing each brand individually. We publish our findings here in the hopes to help better educate people who truly care about their dogs health and well-being. If we see something good or something you should be concerned about with any brand, such as an exceptionally unhealthy ingredient, we'll let you know about it. Come and see if the brand you're using passes our "smell test!"

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Dog Food Information

Dog Food Information Commercial dog food has been coming under more scrutiny in recent years and rightfully so. Dog owners across the world are beginning to pay closer attention to what they buy and feed their dogs. From mass dog food recalls to poor ingredients used during everyday manufacturing and little government oversight, there is a lot to be concerned with. The articles in this section will not only show you how to choose the best dog food, but you'll also learn about the differences between certain types of dog food and which ingredients to stay away from. You'll also learn about canned food, dry kibble, grain free dog food and much more.

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Dog Nutrition

Dog Nutrition Unfortunately, dog nutrition is overlooked by most dog owners and they have no idea what is healthy or not. Some dog food companies have taken advantage of their uneducated consumers by using low quality ingredients that are sometimes linked to allergies or even cancer, all in the name of higher profits. Other dog rely on their veterinarian when choosing dog food, but often times these veterinarians receive commissions to sell one brand over another. By taking the time to learn about proper dog nutrition yourself, you'll be able to make your own educated decisions and pick the best dog foods and treats for your specific dogs needs.

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Dog Training Methods

Dog Training Methods Training a dog can be an overwhelming experience. While our free dog training guides are very detailed, they are in no way a replacement for individualized attention from a professional dog trainer. These free dog training guides should be used as a "primer" to the different methods available. Armed with this information and knowledge, you can go out and find a wonderful dog trainer that uses the training methods you are the most comfortable with. There are many training methods available and even more trainers to choose from so before you get started on training your dog, train yourself!

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Dog Product Reviews

Dog Product Reviews Did you know the pet product industry is a $50 Billion industry?! This is up more than $20 Billion just a decade ago. The fact is, dogs are becoming more than just pets in our society. Our dogs are becoming members of the family. How can you blame us? Dogs are awesome! Like any awesome family member, we just want them to be as happy and healthy as possible. Most of us probably go a little overboard and spoil our dogs, but hey, making our dogs happy in turn makes US happy. There's no harm in that! In this section of the site, we put popular dog products to the test.

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The Dog Food Insider Dog Blog!

The Dog Blog Sometimes, we just want to blabber about things that don't fit into a nice category on the site. In the Dog Blog, you'll find top 10 lists about dog owners, cool facts about dogs, training tricks and tips, and safety advice all dog owners should know about. The Dog Blog is brand new, but we will be adding many more articles to the blog weekly. Be sure to check back with us often or like us on Facebook so you can stay up to date with the latest dog blog posts!

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