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Can I Give My Dog Supplements?

Can I Give My Dog Supplements?

Everyone has a routine in the morning and some people’s routine includes taking a multivitamin or some type of supplement. There are many kinds of vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements that are good to take for various reasons. For instance, people who are anemic should take iron tablets, and those who are fighting a cold might take vitamin C or zinc for a faster healing time.

As you take your supplements each morning, do you ever wonder if your pooch should be taking supplements of his own? If you’ve ever asked yourself “Can I Give My Dog Supplements” you’re asking a good question, indeed.

For What Reasons Can I Give My Dog Supplements?

There are a few reasons why supplements might be good for your dog. We’ll go over just a few, but your veterinarian might have other reasons based on your dog’s health issues and nutritional needs. There are many good dog food brands on the market that cover the majority of your dog’s nutritional needs, but you may need to add a supplement if your dog faces any of these issues.

Supplements That Provide Arthritis And Joint Support

When it comes to the question of Can I Give My Dog Supplements, the main reason why the answer is yes has to do with dogs who have arthritis or joint discomfort. This is the most common of reasons that pet owners give certain supplements to their precious pooches. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are two of the best supplements that you can give to your dog who suffers with arthritis and joint pain. They work to slow the progression of arthritis, lubricate joints, and repair cartilage. They are both safe and effective at easing discomfort and they can be especially useful in larger breeds or senior pets. Some good supplements on the market include:

Help In Healing Itchy Skin And A Dry Coat

Can I Give My Dog Supplements?Can I Give My Dog Supplements for dry, itchy skin? Yes you can; and it is encouraged. Essential fatty Acids (EFAs) are the best supplements you can give your dog who is itchy, scratchy, or dry. EFAs have anti-inflammatory properties, and can actually strengthen the skin barrier to help heal and protect. Fish oils are best, but omega-3, 6, & 9 are also very effective.

Look for dog foods that contain fish oils, such as salmon or menhaden, or oils that are high in omegas, such as canola and sunflower. Some of the brands on the market that are higher in these include:

Can I Give My Dog Supplements For Upset Stomach Support?

Dogs can get tummy aches from time to time, but if your dog has excessive gas or diarrhea, you might be hoping that the answer is a resounding yes when you ask Can I Give My Dog Supplements that will help in easing his discomfort! Since the gut is filled with good bacteria that helps balance your pup’s insides, probiotics will help build that bacteria and eliminate the bad, which can give your pup much-needed relief. Some of the best ones to try are:

High-quality dog food brands can contain probiotics as well, so look for these brands if you are thinking about making a change:

Liver Support

Healthy dogs usually don’t need to worry about liver support, but those who have problems with the liver might need some extra help. Milk thistle or SAM-e can help reduce liver inflammation and help with liver function. Ask your vet “Can I Give My Dog Supplements” if your pooch has problems with his liver. Here are a few supplements to consider:

Can I Give My Dog Supplements Like Vitamins And Minerals?

When you purchase a well-balanced and high-quality dog food for your dog, you really won’t need to give her anything extra in the form of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins can be very tricky as giving your dog too much of certain types can cause trouble. For example, too much vitamin A can cause dehydration and harm blood vessels, while too much vitamin D can harm the bones and muscles. However, vitamin C and E can reduce inflammation and help older dogs with memory retention, so those can be added in low doses. Looking for a dog food that meets the vitamin and mineral requirements is rather simple, though. Less to worry about for you, better nutrition for your pup.

Some of the better dog foods out there that are completely balanced include:

Can I Give My Dog Supplements If I Make Her Food?

If you choose to feed your dog a raw food diet, or a home-cooked diet, you’ll need to add a few vitamins and minerals to the meals in order for your dog to get the proper nutrients he needs to keep him healthy, strong, and balanced. Make sure there is plenty of calcium and phosphorus to keep your dog’s bones growing strong.

Always remember to look for high-quality brands no matter what supplements you are adding to your dog’s diet. Keep an open mind and an investigative nature to make sure that your quest to answer the question Can I Give My Dog Supplements ends in a positive result.

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