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While this is a growing list, we’ll simply share our dog product reviews as we’re able to create them. So far, we’ve got a really nice list of dog food reviews, we’re growing the list of reviews on herbal dog remedies, and we will be adding other nutrition related reviews soon. Check back often as this site is being updated almost daily!

Dog Food ReviewsDog Food Reviews

Our dog food reviews actually aren’t written by the owners of this website. Nope! In order to maintain a completely unbiased review, we hired a dog nutrition specialist to write these reviews for us. That way, you get information from somebody who is knowledgeable, passionate about the subject, and only receives compensation 1 time for the work performed. The reviewer has absolutely no incentive to rate one brand over another and she knows her stuff. Quite simply, we offer the most detailed, honest, and informative reviews on dog food you can find anywhere – only or off. But we don’t need to tell you that. See for yourself!

Thundershirt ReviewThundershirt Review

The Thundershirt has been extremely popular for several years now. As skeptics, we have heard “miracle stories” about this simple product and it became too much to ignore. We just had to see for ourselves if this “too good to be true” product was really too good to be true. What we found was shocking. Not only did it work, it was instantaneous! In this review, we uncover the facts about the Thundershirt, show you how it works, and included several videos of news stories and before / after videos of the Thundershirt in action. You don’t have to take our word for it, either. The verified purchase user reviews on Chewy speak volumes.

PetAlive Product ReviewsReviews Of Herbal Remedies For Dogs

We decided to start creating reviews on herbal dog remedies because this is a growing market and we didn’t see any website reviewing these products. For starters, we’re going to review all of PetAlive’s products. We decided to start with these products due to the rave reviews PetAlive seems to get. From minor health issues to major ones, PetAlive seems to have a natural and herbal remedy for just about anything. Eventually, we’ll expand and cover additional brands, but check out what we’ve got so far.

Tagg The Pet Tracker ReviewTagg The Pet Tracker Review

The Tagg Pet Tracker GPS unit is one of the only pet trackers on the market that is affordable. Recently, I decided to purchase the Tagg Pet Tracker for my own dog and put it to the test. Now that I have owned the unit for about 3 months, I figured a full review of the Tagg Pet Tracker was in order. While I am pleased with this unit overall, there are still some things that I don’t like very much. Come and check out my Tagg Pet Tracker review and see if this is a device you should spend your money on.

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