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Dog Eating

How to Teach A Dog To Slow Down While Eating

When you set your dog’s food bowl down in front of him, how long does it take him to eat it? Does he take his time to chew each bite or does he wolf it down, seeming to inhale it without chewing at all? Many dogs have a habit of eating very...

Report Animal Abuse

Advice on Anonymously Reporting Animal Abuse

Animal abuse is a terrible crime that often goes unreported. When reports of animal abuse and neglect appear on the nightly news, the instances you are hearing about are often just the tip of the iceberg. Numerous cases of animal abuse go...

Dog Swimming Safety Tips

Water Safety Tips For Your Dog

Man’s best friend… They have been there with us throughout war, they are with us in our homes, they help to raise our families, they keep us healthier, and they have stood by the human race for centuries. Likewise, we do the same for...

Dog Food Facts

List Of Dangerous Food For Dogs

Dangerous foods for dogs can be found in nearly every dog owner’s home. Unfortunately, not all human food is healthy for dogs. A lot of it isn’t very healthy for humans! What’s worse? Some human food is actually poisonous or...