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Thanks for checking out our dog food reviews! We’ve tried to organize these reviews to help you quickly and easy compare and navigate the many different dog food brands we’ve covered so far. Feel free to check out the categories below to get started!

Once you check out the top rated customer reviewed dog food above, you can compare that with our reviews here. You will notice many discrepancies, but we give full explanations for our reviews and why we may disagree with some of the customer reviews above. The ultimate decision on which dog food is best ultimately comes down to you and your own research. We hope this site, along with our detailed dog food reviews, helps you to make your research for that perfect dog food a little bit easier.

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  • I adopted a Sheltie and she is over weight. She is 46 lbs and she should be about 36-40 lbs. What food would anyone recommend to help. I walk her a mile each day but can’t seem to slim her down. She is on Verus Life Advantage dry food.

  • I bought two cans of Organix grain free Butcher and Bushel dog food for my Jack Russell (Humphrey Bogart). I only opened one can and it had chicken bones in it. However, I had already dished a couple spoonfuls in his bowl before realizing the can had bones in it. Therefore I only have one can left unopened and the other can is partially eaten so Petco told me I can only bring the unopened can to exchange it for another brand.
    I am very disappointed because I thought this would be a great new dog food to introduce to Humphrey, and the couple spoonfuls he did have in his bowl he loved. However, I cannot give him dog food with chicken bones in it because he has COPD and so his breathing is compromised. He has to have a body harness for walks, and I am very diligent to be certain he gets his meds every day. So giving him food that might get caught in his throat is quite scary.
    It’s very surprising to find chicken bones in a can of dog food and it also shocked me the way Petco treated me about the opened can.
    So my point in leaving this review is to be certain people are aware this dog food has chicken bones in it or one can I bought does. Please be careful.

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