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Thundershirt ReviewYou’ve probably seen the Thundershirt advertised on TV. Is it too good to be true? Could this simple and cheap “shirt” really reduce the level of anxiety in your dog? This Thundershirt review aims to look beyond the marketing hype and digs deep. You want one main question answered: “Will the Thundershirt work for my dog?”

So without further delay, let’s explore this “miracle device” and see if it’s a cheap gimmick or something that could actually work in a real-world scenario.

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Our Overall Opinion

If you’ve read other reviews on our site, you know that we try to remain as unbiased as possible. We try to state the good and the bad, even if we personally like a specific product. This review is going to seem extremely biased because we really can’t think of a bad thing to say about this product. It’s simply amazing. The Thundershirt easily gets our highest 5-paw rating. It is quite simply one of the best products to ever hit the pet industry. Luckily, you don’t have to take our word for it. Feel free to Check Current Thundershirt Pricing Here read the user reviews on Chewy.

What Is The Thundershirt?

You might be expecting a long scientific explanation of how this wearable device works, but actually, it is quite simple. The Thundershirt is designed to wrap around your dogs midsection to apply gentle pressure. Remember when you were a kid and mom or dad used to tuck you really tightly into bed. It’s something similar to that. When you use a properly fitted Thundershirt, the squeezing pressure will help your dog feel more comfortable and secure.

That’s really all there is to it! There is nothing magic or special contained inside the shirt itself. It is merely designed to apply gentle pressure. That’s it!

As a real estate agent, I usually do things like reviewing the best online Texas real estate courses. But today, I’ve decided to review the Thundershirt. I see so many clients whos dogs destroy the interior of their home because of anxiety around fireworks or thunderstorms.

See Current Pricing And Reviews From Real Dog Owners Here

What Is The Thundershirt Used For?

This device is specifically designed to reduce anxiety in dogs. It’s uses cover a wide range of situations that could make your dog anxious. Here are some of the more common reasons people try out the Thundershirt:

  • Provide a calming effect for over-excited dogs.
  • Reduces the fear of loud noises from thunder, fireworks, construction equipment, etc.
  • Assist in calming your dog during stressful travel situations or getting acquainted to new and unfamiliar environments.
  • Help with reactivity towards other dogs or pets.
  • An aid for training your overly excited, scared, or anxious dog to help calm him or her down and become more responsive.
  • Solving issues such as excessive barking, jumping, separation anxiety, refusal to eat, or other issues related to anxiety.

In short, if you have an overly excited, hyper, or nervous dog, the Thundershirt may be able to help.

Thundershirt in Action: Before & After Videos

Does The Thundershirt Actually Work?

Thundershirt claims they have an 80% success rate. They have also documented that thousands of veterinarians, dog trainers, and dog behavior experts recommend and use their product. Our own research has found this statistic to be accurate. We’d love to see a 100% success rate, but unfortunately, for about 2 out of 10 people reading this (statistically speaking), the Thundershirt will not work.

Things We Like About The Thundershirt

For starters, this product is simple to use as far as us humans are concerned. It is easy to put on and off, even when dealing with a hyper dog. What is especially nice is how you do not have to force your dogs legs or head through any holes. It simply wraps around your dogs mid-section and fastens with a hook and loop closure. We have also found that dogs generally take to the Thundershirt very easily, meaning, there isn’t a training curve to use it. We always recommend you go slow and only put the Thundershirt on if your dog is ready, but in general, most dogs don’t seem to mind when it is put on. There are some instructions included to make sure your dog adapts to the Thundershirt successfully.

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Video Tutorial – How To Put On The Thundershirt

Of course, the thing we like best about the Thundershirt is that it is drug free! For dog owners that are struggling with typical training methods, often times the next step is medication. Not only is this expensive, but medications generally have side-effects. With the Thundershirt, it’ll either work or it won’t. You’ll know very quickly if the Thundershirt will work for your dog. Training methods generally take weeks if not months or years to see substantial benefits. This truly is an immediate fix for some dogs and what a relief that can bring to their owners. It can’t be used “the wrong way” and the amount of time needed to ensure it’s working is minimal.

Since it works so fast, you’ll have plenty of time to return the product. For example, if you purchase the Thundershirt from Chewy, you have 30 days to try it out. Chewy will even pay for your return shipping if it doesn’t work for you.

And finally, since this is drug free and requires virtually no training, you are not going to do any harm to your dog by trying it out. Worst case scenario, it doesn’t work and you send it back for a full refund. Doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Things We Don’t Like

As stated previously, this only works for about 8 out of 10 dogs. That means, there are still a large number of you who this will not work for. Having high hopes only to put the Thundershirt on and see that your dog acts no different is crushing and can cause great disappointment for many (already frustrated) dog owners.

Another issue we have is that many dog owners will use the Thundershirt in replacement of proper training. We highly recommend that if this device works for your dog, you actually STEP UP the training you are doing with your dog! Finding a device like this that actually works could be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. Try to train your dog so that eventually, the Thundershirt isn’t even required.

See Current Pricing And Reviews From Real Dog Owners Here

News Report On The Thundershirt

Maintaining The Thundershirt

While there isn’t really much maintenance required, you’ll want to wash it from time to time. This is another fantastic advantage as there are no special instructions here. Just throw the Thundershirt in the wash machine and use regular laundry detergent and hang to dry.

Duration Of Use

Luckily, the Thundershirt is light enough that your dog can wear it for extended periods of time. It is also made from a breathable fabric so unless it is super hot outside, your dog will not succumb to an overheating risk.

How Long Do The Effects Last?

If the Thundershirt works in the short-term, it is very highly likely that it will also work long-term. For some dogs, the effects do begin to wear off after time, but this is actually very rare. In fact, sometimes the opposite is true. The Thundershirt might not work right away, but over time, the dog will adapt and the effects will become more pronounced. What is even more exciting is that for a large number of dogs, the effects seem to begin working even when the dog is NOT wearing the Thundershirt anymore. This is especially true with owners who train their dogs while also using the Thundershirt.

Making Your Own Thundershirt

Some dog owners have decided to save their pennies and make their own version of the Thundershirt. As stated previously, the Thundershirt is actually a very simple device, so there is nothing stopping you from creating your own. However, for less than $40 and a full return policy, we have found the Thundershirt to be very well designed with comfort and breathability in mind.

Best Place To Buy

If you do decide to purchase the Thundershirt, we highly recommend purchasing from Chewy.

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  • My dog a Staffordshire Terrier also sometimes misidentified as a blue nose pitbull became scared during 4 July fireworks show, it transferred over to every time it began to rain with or without thunder and lightning. The behavior was much like the little bulldog in one of the videos above. He would just quake and shutter and go to the father’s point of the hall and try to hide. I was amazed when I received this Thundershirt, from the very first use. When I applied it he simply leaned over on to me as if in some way he was slightly sedated, but the shuddering and fear was gone. I have just begun this treatment and I am still studying its results. For the time being I am so thankful that I was able to help my dog without having to drug it.

  • We got the Thundershirt for our beagle who was really hyper. He is a rescue so we don’t know what he has experienced in his life, but what do know was not great. He was left alone outside alone most of the time and as a result he goes “crazy” from time to time. He runs around, bites people and generally freaks out. But the Thundershirt has helped this a lot. Putting it on is a little traumatic (he is afraid of velcro) but once it is on, all is well! If you have doggie problems, definitely try this out before going to pills (pills worked okay, but no better than this shirt!)

  • I just bought this for our foster dog today, we put him in the kennel at night, and when we are not home, when we do he cries almost all night. However he goes to the dog park every night to get his energy out. I bought this and out it on him, put him in his kennel and didn’t hear a whimper out of him, he immediately fell asleep. Is this magic?!? I’m astonished.

  • Yes, this shirt works, and I was so excited! BUT…. my dog, a Belgium Malinois,9 months old chewed it off of her 😢

    So, because of the extreme seperation anxiety she has, I can’t even fix it for her with this shirt, she will keep chewing it right off of her. She has chewed off a harness also.

    You better believe this breed is for busy family’s or persons that are able to be with them 247. They definitely do not like to be alone. 🐶

  • A friend gave me a thundershirt for my miniature poodle because he has extreme anxiety during thunderstorms. Shaking like a leaf, hiding in corners and under furniture, no calming words or actions help. The thundershirt is amazing. As soon as I put it on him, he comes out of hiding, climbs up onto his favorite chair, and goes to sleep. The thunder doesn’t affect him at all.

    Lately my poor boy has been scratching like crazy for the past week. We tried Benadryl, we tried baths, we tried holding and cuddling, nothing seems to help. All over his body – ears back legs face stomach, you name it, he scratches. When he finally exhausts himself he lies down for a bit, only to jump up again to scratch some more. He has been absolutely miserable. Last night we were calmly watching TV, and of course he was on the floor scratching like crazy for at least an hour. I don’t know why but I suddenly said to my spouse, should we try the thundershirt? Why not? Well I tell you, as soon as we put the thundershirt on he immediately stopped scratching! Laid down on my lap and went to sleep. By the time I went to bed two hours later, he hadn’t scratched once! This morning same thing. Stopped scratching immediately after I pup it on his little body. I never would have thought this would help him so much and I am so grateful for the thundershirt.

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