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Reviews Of Herbal Remedies For Dogs

Herbal remedies for dogs have existed for thousands of years, but they have not seen any meaningful commercial production until recently. While many herbal remedies are not effective, there are some remedies which have been proven to work through the countless dog owners who praise them. One company who has earned the best reputation for holistic, natural, and herbal remedies for dogs and other pets is PetAlive. Below you’ll find our reviews of some of PetAlive’s products.

PetAlive Aggression Formula

PetAlive Aggression Formula is a natural homeopathic remedy that is said to reduce aggressive behaviors in both dogs and cats. They claim it helps animals who have difficulty interacting with other pets, children, or strangers. Having an aggressive or reactive dog can be embarrassing and frighten other people or dogs. The quality of life for your dog is also decreased since you can’t bring your dog along to as many places as you’d like. Is it really possible that a simple dose of this natural aggression remedy solves the problem? In this review of PetAlive Aggression Formula, we’ll help shed some light on how effective this product may or may not be for your dog.

PetAlive AnalGlandz

While not exactly the most pleasant topic in the world, the PetAlive AnalGlandz Remedy is used by quite a few dog owners. This natural herbal remedy helps to cleanse, soften, and empty impacted or irritated anal glands in dogs and cats. The use of this remedy is to support natural emptying of the anal glands as well as making manual extraction during grooming much easier and less frequent. If you’ve ever had a dog with impacted or irritated anal glands, you know the small that comes with it is pretty disgusting. This remedy is designed to take care of that.

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