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Difference Between Cheap Dog Supplements and Expensive Supplements

Difference Between Cheap Dog Supplements and Expensive Supplements

A pet owner uses dog supplements for many reasons. Among these reasons are the hopes of providing the additional nutrients and vitamins a pet needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are several different types of supplements available for dogs today, but have you ever considered what the difference in price and quality could mean for the overall health and well-being of your pet? The truth is, a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality and better overall health support.

There are many considerations a pet owner makes when choosing the right supplement for their dog, whether it is cheap dog supplements or expensive supplements. Many vitamins and nutrients can be found in the dog food you have elected to provide them, but the majority of the time, the amounts received through food alone are not enough to adequately support your dog’s health. Commercial foods, for example, include only a minimal supply of the vitamins your pet needs. Most of the nutrients found in these commercial food brands have been depleted due to over processing. In this case, supplementing your dog’s food would be a good option to ensure they are receiving the maximum daily allowance they so desperately need.

We must also consider the differences between whole food and synthetic supplements. Whole food supplements include more green blends and are better at providing the right nutrients your pet deserves. Green blends include kelp and alfalfa just to name a couple. If your dog is on a commercial dog food diet, then whole food supplements are highly recommended.

Synthetic supplements and even cheap dog supplements may contain higher levels of certain nutrients which could actually be too much when combined with a commercial food diet. Therefore, it is important to know what is included in your dog food before starting your dog on any form of a supplement in combination.

The Pros and Cons of Cheap Dog Supplements

Difference Between Cheap Dog Supplements and Expensive SupplementsIf you are looking for a more affordable and cheap dog supplement option, then you need to be diligent and read the ingredients that are found in the supplements as well as the food you give them daily. The pros to a cheaper supplement are of course the price and expense involved, as well as the ease of administration and if they are highly palatable for your pet. The cons of cheaper supplements could include certain drug interactions, postponement of necessary treatment, and allergic reactions.

Even though a cheap dog supplement can claim to be 100% natural, this isn’t always the case. It may still interact with some other medication or food that you are giving your dog. It is also not advisable to use supplements as a way of treating your pet for more severe conditions. If you suspect a serious ailment, it is highly advised that you seek help from a licensed veterinarian, rather than spend time trying to find an herbal remedy that may do more harm than good.

Expensive dog supplements do come with a higher price tag but does that mean they are safer and made from better quality ingredients? This question should be considered before spending money on any vitamin, mineral, or supplement for your dog.

Different brands are manufactured under different rules. No two manufacturers may follow the same guidelines when it comes to the process and ingredients that are used in their supplements. Instead of looking at the price tag, choose a supplement that is produced by a reputable and well-known brand.

The most important thing you can do concerning cheap dog supplements and expensive dog supplements is researching the company that produces them and read the label and all the ingredients. You will probably find there is not much difference between the two supplements other than the price.

You may also want to check into the history and research of the company you are considering. Are they currently conducting research in regards to the ingredients they use in their supplements? Are they only meeting minimum nutritional standards? In this case, you may get what you pay for. While cheap doesn’t necessarily mean lower quality, it could say that they do not have the funds or resources to research further the products they are providing to dog owners.

Finally, always talk to your veterinarian before giving your dog any kind of supplements. You want to first ensure your pet’s safety and health before giving them something that could potentially harm them or cause sickness or distress. The veterinarian will be able to recommend a supplement that they feel will be beneficial to your pet’s needs and they can help take the guesswork out of reading the labels and determining the active ingredients.

The following are a few cheap dog supplements that are currently available, and you can see that affordable doesn’t always mean lower quality:

Cheap Dog Supplements

Purina Fortiflora Canine Nutritional Supplement Boxes help to promote a healthy immune system and contain adequate levels of antioxidants, and Vitamins A, E, and C. This nutritional supplement box also contains a guaranteed amount of active live cultures. Active live cultures are essential when attempting to maintain a healthy balance between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria that are present in your dog’s body.

Dogzymes Certified Organic Norwegian Kelp Pet Supplement comes in a six-pound package at a reasonably affordable price. This supplement enhances immune functions and promotes healthy skin and coat. It can also aid in proper digestion and improves gland functions. The Norwegian Kelp supplement is a cheaper dog supplement but is also able to provide your dog with minerals that are not available in their environment.

These supplements were produced by Nature’s Farmacy and are certified organic. They follow strict government guidelines and are sure to benefit your dog and supplement their current diet.

Expensive Dog Supplements

A more expensive dog supplement that is available is the Pet MD SAMe Plus Liver Supplement for dogs. The higher tag comes with the brand name that is recognized by most households with pets. This brand is also veterinarian recommended and is FSIS regulated for safety and purity. With this higher tag, you will find that it is also made in the USA and FDA and USDA regulated as well.

Its active ingredients include S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine, N-Acetyl Cysteine, and L-Taurine among other vitamins such as Zinc, Vitamin B6, and a B-complex Proprietary blend. Pet MD supplements boast of a high absorption rate and have a special enteric coating that is used to be digested by your dog properly.

When compared to the cheap dog supplements mentioned earlier, you see a higher level of manufacturing and safety regulations. Therefore, you see a higher price tag from a reputable brand.

Whether you choose cheap dog supplements or expensive dog supplements, you want to be sure you are offering your dog the chance to maintain optimum health and well-being.

If you look at the more expensive dog supplements that are available opposed to the cheap dog supplements available, you will be able to recognize the differences between the ingredients and the processing involved with each brand.

A little research is essential to choosing the right supplement for your dog.

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