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What Are The Best Dog Supplements For Joints?

What Are The Best Dog Supplements For Joints?

They spend their whole lives running and jumping around, fetching and hopping up on things. It is inevitable that at some point you four-legged best friend is going to have some joint issues. It is often seen in aging dogs but that does not limit joint problems to only senior dogs, any active dog can begin to have joint issues at any time. There are some great natural and preventative options that will interest anyone noticing some pain or discomfort in their dog and looking for the best dog supplements for joints.

When Should I Consider The Best Dog Supplements For Joints?

Due to the variation in when we see dogs really needing some help with their joint function, it will be up to you to observe what is going on with your dog. There can be some particularly obvious and alarming signs or they can be subtle and gradually get worse. The best dog supplements for joints can be taken everyday and is a great alternative to medication, so seeing symptoms early is helpful.

Some of the signs may include:

  • Inability or pain in walking
  • Inability to jump or climb up on things
  • Reduced playfulness
  • Joints are sensitive to touch
  • Difficulty standing up after resting for an extended time

These symptoms can come from a few different culprits, use and age being the most common. Some joint issues can stem from weight problems or obesity in the animal, putting more strain on the joints than the body was made to handle. There may also be some degenerative issues that can come from these things or just genetics. Any of the ways the symptoms will cause some pain and discomfort for your animal but can be eased with the help of the best dog supplements for joints, specifically.

How Do The Best Dog Supplements For Joints Work?

What Are The Best Dog Supplements For Joints? The best dog supplements for joints are designed to promote strength in the area of the pain and also lubricate the joints so they move painlessly again. When a joint is inflamed or poorly lubricated that is when the damage occurs that will cause pain and future issues. Therefore the addition of supplements to your dog’s diet is intended to help create a strong and frictionless joint. The way many of the best dog supplements for joints are recommended is by having the following ingredients that help with that exact goal:

  • Vitamin C – When the immune system is strong it relieves the oxidative and damaging stress put on the joints. Vitamin C also rebuilds collagen that protects the space in the joints.
  • Fatty Acids – Omega 3s are known to reduce inflammation in both dogs and humans. This will reduce inflamed areas around the joint and lubricate for a much smoother and painless movement.
  • Glucosamine – This is important for the building and strengthening of cartilage which is really the foundation of strong joints.
  • Chondroitin – Another essential part in strengthening and maintaining cartilage in the joints.

The best dog supplements for joints will have a combination of most of these nutrients in them. With the nutrients working together to help decrease inflammation, increase mobility and alleviate pain you dog will have a much easier time getting around and enjoying life.

The Best Dog Supplements For Joints

Whenever looking for any type of dog food or supplement, always do a little research – or find someone who has done it for you – before you make your final decisions. For both foods and supplements it is important to hold standards similar to those that you might hold for your own body or the nutrition of your family. More natural and less processed, we don’t need additives or artificial coloring. Look for the exact ingredients that you are hoping to add to your pet’s nutritional routine and leave out as much of the added stuff as possible. Here are some of the brands we have found for the best dog supplements for joints your dog should be taking to help with joint problems:

  • NutraMax Cosequin For Dogs  – NutraMax is a quality company that makes various products to keep your dog healthy. Their formula for joint issues is approved by the FDA and is top rated by veterinarians and dog owners alike. They are chewable and easy to feed to the dog. They have added the MSM compound for added mobility promotion.

  • TerraMax Hip And Joint Supplement – Possibly the most popular and well reviewed supplement for canine joint problems. Containing a majority of the ingredients we listed above and specifically focusing on cartilage repair and strength.

  • VetriScience GlycoFlex  – VetriScience is another well tested and approved company and brand that produces quality across the board. The GlycoFlex series is designed for very active dogs that may be dealing with joint issues due to excessive use. They focus on the preventive aspects of keeping joints lubricated and mobile by using the fatty acids.

  • Herbs For Paws  – This product is for the animals that are already suffering from the joint pain of being overused and worn. This formula is perfect for those aging dogs that have maybe stepped out of the preventative phase. They use 100% natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about all the other additives. Effective and natural.

Prevention Of Joint Problems In Dogs

As our dogs age it is inevitable that there will be some joint problems no matter what. There special circumstances where this might be even more of a possibility, such as with large dog breeds. Although preventing injuries is not always possible, that is the number one way arthritis is acquired later in the dog’s life, based on an injury to that area. So you have a dog that is aging, maybe bigger or had sustained an injury at a different time in its life that is leading to pain, what do you do now?

Be vigilant of the dog’s condition, if you can catch and signs of pain or discomfort early this is helpful in beginning to strengthen the area before it becomes more of a problem. Make some environmental accommodations for the animal to prevent them from needing to jump up on or off things that may cause irritation of injury.

Nutrition is important even without supplements, make sure they are eating a well balanced diet that is appropriate for them and their size. Naturally getting the nutrients that promote healthy joints is ideal in preventing complications down the line. Adding the best supplements for joints at the first sign of issue or if there is an injury is a great step. If the injury recovers with strengthened cartilage the effects of the injury won’t be as detrimental to the join’s long-term health.

Finally, keep your dog active. The more sedentary the dog becomes the stiffer and less comfortable their joints will be as well. Movement promotes easier joint function with less pain, keep your dog going for walks and playing as long as you can and as long as it’s safe. This will greatly impact their joints ability to keep moving in their older age, just like a human.

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