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What Is The Best Dog Food For Working Dogs?

Dog Food For Working Dogs

Working dogs like farm dogs, rescue dogs, therapy dogs, and hunting dogs need a lot of energy to get their jobs done. Feeding the best dog food for working dogs that provides them sustainable energy and plenty of healthy nutrients with a delicious taste is the best way to reward them for all they do for us. When picking out a dog food for your working dog, there’s a lot to consider to make sure they are getting all their energy and nutritional needs met.

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What To Look For On The Ingredients And Guaranteed Analysis Panels

Working dogs need a lot of protein to give them sustained energy. If you are feeding your dog dry dog food, make sure the food has at least 28% or higher crude protein listed on the guaranteed analysis panel. If you are feeding them a wet dog food, make sure the food contains a 7% or higher crude protein rating.

They also need plenty of amino acids to build and maintain strong healthy muscles. So look for any of the following essential amino acids on the guaranteed analysis panel or in the ingredients list: Arginine, leucine, lysine, histidine, isoleucine, methionine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, threonine, and valine. The more of these amino acids in the dog food for working dogs the better. You also want a food that supports joint health because working all day can be hard on their joints. Look for joint healthy ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin. Also make sure there are plenty of minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, and copper.

Working dogs also need a food that provides them sustainable energy. Look for a food that only contains complex carbohydrates like whole fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed grains. They also need to get a lot of energy from healthy fats. If you are feeding dry dog food for working dogs, make sure it has at least an 18% crude fat content. In wet food, there needs to be at least a 5% crude fat content. Finally, you want to make sure the food is high in calories. To determine the calorie rate for your working dog, you can consult this calorie calculator provided by PetMD. You will then look for the caloric value by finding the “kcal” on the guaranteed analysis panel.

Finally, like all healthy dog foods, you want to avoid any food that contains artificial or chemical preservatives, flavors, colors, animal by-products, fillers, and added sweeteners. All of these ingredients not only slow down your working dog but can damage their health. So read the ingredients panel carefully and make sure that you are only feeding your working dog a dog food made with natural ingredients.

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Top Three Recommended Dog Foods For Working Dogs

To meet the nutritional needs of your working dog, you need to feed them a high-quality food that is formulated specifically for working dogs. Here are some of our recommendations for the top dog food for working dogs to get you started:

NUTRO High Endurance

NUTRO High Endurance was designed specifically for working dogs. It contains an ideal 30/20 protein to fat ratio to provide tons of energy and strengthen and build muscles. NUTRO High Endurance contains a blend of whole grains to provide sustained energy and support digestion. It is also highly fortified with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to support healthy bones and muscles. Finally, it also contains omega fatty acids to support both joint and heart health.

Taste Of The Wild High Prairie

Made with a mix of highly-digestible game proteins including bison, venison, and lamb, Taste of the Wild High Prairie is the perfect food for a working dog. With a 32% crude protein rating and an 18% crude fat rating, this grain-free formula meets the energy needs of even the busiest working dog. It is also fortified with all the essential chelated minerals your dog needs for healthy bones. Omega fatty acids and vitamin E help support and lubricate joints. While, their probiotic blend helps improve digestion and nutrient absorption for maximum nutrition. Also loaded with whole fruits and vegetables to provide complex carbohydrates, Taste of the Wild High Prairie gives your working dog everything they need to get through their busy day.

Solid Gold Holistic High Protein Grain-Free

Holistically formulate to support the whole health of your dog, Solid Gold High Protein Grain Free dog food, has an impressive 38% crude protein content from real meat sources. It also contains a perfect 18% fat content to provide sustained energy without excess weight gain. Formulated with 16 superfoods, it provides both complex carbohydrates for energy and antioxidants to keep your working dog’s immune system strong. Solid Gold High Protein Grain Free also supports joint and bone health with plenty of critical minerals, vitamins, and omega fatty acids.

Raw Dog Food For Working Dogs

Beyond these great commercially-available dog foods, you should also consider a raw dog food diet for working dogs. A raw foods diet is great for working dogs because it is biologically appropriate and provides more energy than some of the commercially available options. Plus, you can control the ingredients to optimize the nutrition so your dog gets everything they need. If you are considering a raw foods diet for your working dog, read Dog Food Insider’s guide to switching to a raw foods diet to help you decide if you want to go this route.

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Working dogs do so much for us, so it is important that we provide them everything they need to get the job done. So read the ingredients and guaranteed analysis panel and consider these great options!

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