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The Best Dry Dog Food For Active Dogs

The Best Dry Dog Food For Active Dogs

The nutritional needs of dogs vary greatly by breed. Some breeds like huskies, german shepherds, boxers, and corgis are naturally high energy, active dogs. Other dogs like hunting dogs, sheep dogs, and racing dogs are dogs that require more energy production to do their jobs. Active dogs need dog food that provides more energy than other dogs, so you need to feed them a dog food that provides that helps provide that energy. With so many dog foods on the market, it is hard to know which brand is the best dry dog food for active dogs.

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Know Your Dog’s Needs

Active dogs require more than just excess calories to meet their energy needs. Dog owners may think it’s simply a matter of feeding active dogs more food. However, quantity is not as important as quality, as too much food can lead to weight problems. What is really important for active dogs is that they eat a food with high protein content and higher fat levels. Protein and fat will give your dog the sustained energy they need while helping them maintain a healthy weight.

Recommended Protein And Fat Levels For Active Dogs

For active dogs it is recommended that they have over 28% protein content in dry food, and over 7% in wet food. It is also recommended that the fat content be over 20% in dry food and over 5% in wet food. You can learn the protein and fat content of dog food by reading the guaranteed analysis panel on the nutrition label.

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Recommended Nutrients For Active Dogs

There are also some great nutrients that can help your active dog maintain the energy they need. B Vitamins play an important role in energy production because they help convert nutrients into energy. Magnesium is also shown to help increase energy. Dog foods that contain amino acids are also great because they help support muscle repair and reduce fatigue. You can also consider a dog food that has glucosamine which supports joint health.

Some Great Brands

There are many dog food brands that advertise they are great for active dogs. However some of these brands just have increased protein and fat content, so they do not meet the full nutritional needs. Another important factor is the food needs to be easy to digest or it will not deliver the necessary nutrients. So we have put together a list of some of the best dog food brands for active dogs to help you decide what to feed your pup.

Wellness Core Air Dried Dog Food

Wellness Core Air Dried Dog Food comes in two flavors for adult dogs: Whitefish and salmon and turkey and chicken. Wellness Core also makes a puppy formula. Wellness Core is a grain-free kibble that is air dried so the food is easily digestible. It contains a 31% protein content and 21% fat content. It is made with nutrient dense peas, kale, and blueberries. It also fortified with a variety of vitamins and minerals including B vitamins and magnesium. Wellness Core also contains glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health. Wellness Core Air Dried Dog Food is a great option for your active dog.

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Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Canine Formula With Roasted Bison And Roasted Venison

Taste of the Wild High Prairie is a grain-free kibble that is made with a variety of healthy ingredients like buffalo, lamb, chicken, venison, sweet potatoes, and peas. It contains a 30% protein content and 18% fat content. It is also contains a full profile of B vitamins and magnesium. Taste of the Wild also contains probiotics which make the food easy to digest, which is why it is a great pick for your active dog.

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Canidae Grain-Free Pure

Canidae Grain-Free, comes in a good variety. They have formulas specially made for small and large breeds, puppies, and adult dogs and offer a good range of flavors. Canidae is a grain-free kibble made with 10 key ingredients and probiotics to help digestion. It contains 32% protein content and 18% fat content. Canidae is also fortified with essential vitamins and nutrients including B Vitamins and magnesium. Since it is such a simple formula, but contains all the necessary nutrients, Canidae is a great brand for your active dog with sensitive digestion.

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Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20 Formula

Purina Pro Plan Sport is a dog food formulated for all life stages so the same food can be fed to puppies all the way through to senior dogs. It contains a 30% protein content and a 20% fat content. The ingredients are also fortified with B vitamins and magnesium. Plus it contains the full range of recommended amino acids and glucosamine for joint health. Since Purina Pro Plan Sport can be fed to dogs at all stages of life, it is great option if you want to keep your dog on the same food their whole life.

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Active dogs have different nutritional needs than more sedentary ones. Luckily many dog food manufacturers have created formulas specific to those needs. Wellness Core, Taste of the Wild High Prairie, Canidae Grain Free Pure, and Purina Pro Plan sport are some of the best dog food brands on the market. They contain the healthy amounts of protein and fat, and the other essential nutrients so you never have to worry about your active dog running out of energy.

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