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Healthy Dog FoodsHaving a dog by side is an experience like no other. This bond between us and our pets is something that is nearly unbreakable. With that being said, we want to make sure our canine friend is receiving best food and nutrients that it can. However, if you’re not too familiar with dog food brands and healthy food choices, these decisions can be quite overwhelming. Whats the best food choice for my dog to ingest?

Our team at Dog Food Insider understands these thoughts, and because of this, we have compiled some information regarding some healthy dog foods on the market. When determining whether a dog food is healthy or not, there are a host of factors to consider. We will go over those and discuss a few healthy dog food brands that pass the test.

Understanding The Ingredients In A Bag Of Dog Food

When examining a bag of dog food, there are a few ingredients that you should always look for. The first and most important ingredient in a dog food blend is a whole animal product. Having an ingredient such as chicken, lamb, or beef means that your dog will be receiving a high amount of quality proteins in their meal. While dogs are considered omnivores, it’s still important to provide them with as much healthy proteins as possible. By being the first ingredient on the list, it means that the specified meat is the most abundant ingredient.

Many of the today’s recognized dog food brands use corn as the main food source. This isn’t a good thing. In fact, it seems that dog food products where corn was the first ingredient led to many fatigued, out of shape and unhealthy dogs. This is because corn is very difficult for dogs to digest. On top of that, it provides very little nutritional value. Therefore, when you’re shopping for dog food, make sure that corn is not at the top of the list, and look for a brand with a quality protein on top.

Lastly, healthy dog foods will omit any unnatural or artificial ingredients. There are some dog food brands out there that use controversial chemicals, mystery meats, and artificial coloring agents in their recipes. These dog brands will usually be on the cheaper side, since these hazardous ingredients cost much less than all-natural products. Treat your dog as if it was your own child. Would you want them ingesting chemicals and ingredients that are nearly impossible to pronounce?

Here Are Some Healthy Dog Foods

With all that being said, here are a few healthy dog foods that have been highly praised by critics and pet owners alike. On the top of the list is Blue Buffalo. This critically acclaimed dog food brand has amazing and rich ingredients for your dog to eat. The first five ingredients listed contain mostly named meat ingredients (meats vary depending on the recipe you purchase), which is an amazing source for protein. On top of all that, Blue Buffalo blends also contains a lot of healthy vegetables and fruits, such as sweet potatoes and cranberries, if order to provide a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients.

Next on our list is Avoderm. This brand falls under the category of healthy dog foods because it uses avocados as its secret ingredient. By doing so, your dog will develop a much healthier coat, on top of a quality nutritional intake. Avoderm comes in a dry and wet variant. However, there are limited options, with only two flavors to choose from. With that being said, Avoderm is one of our healthy dog foods due to the unbelievable amount of nutrition provided.

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Do you have a better understanding of what to purchase? Hopefully, this information will help you sort through all of the dog food brands, and find the ones that are extremely healthy for your canine friend. While Blue Buffalo and Avoderm are great choices, there are plenty more healthy dog foods listed up on our website. We provide in-depth reviews on all of these dog foods and have links in place so that you can easily purchase the products. Consider checking out the rest of the website today!