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What Are Some Good Dog Supplements To Build Muscle

What Are Some Good Dog Supplements To Build Muscle

Is your dog a lean machine, or a little bit paunchy? Some dogs are born to be muscular powerhouses (think pit-bull) while others have genes that keep them short and stout (basset hounds come to mind). Though genetics make a big difference in body style, there are plenty of things that you can do to help your dog become more muscular, such as boosting the protein in her diet, adding Dog Supplements To Build Muscle, and providing good exercise.

Better Stamina

Why go off on an adventure alone when you can take Spot with you? Your dog is your best buddy and he wants to go where you go. But going for a run or hike is no fun if you have to watch Spot huff and puff his way along. A muscular dog has more stamina, so if you want your dog to be able to keep up with you, start building now to get him into optimum shape for his good health later.

Prevent Future Injuries

Building good muscle in your dog will also help her avoid muscle injuries later in life. Dogs who are overweight and lead a sedentary lifestyle can become prone to muscle tears or even lameness as they get older. Building muscle now can even offset muscle degeneration and atrophy as your dog gets older. Of course, just like in humans, it takes time to build muscle in your dog so the sooner you start, the better.

It Starts With The Diet

Your dog’s good health all starts with the food that she eats. Feeding her a diet that consists of corn, soy, or wheat based food might give her energy through the carbohydrate concentration, but that’s only going to go so far. Plus, lots of carbs can make her overweight and sluggish over time. Corn, wheat, and soy can cause allergies in both dogs and cats, but many commercial pet food companies continue to include high amounts in their meals.

The Importance Of Protein

Too little protein in the diet can cause weight loss, weakness, and a dull-looking coat. What you need is a dog food that is high on protein and includes fruits and vegetables for good nutrition Look for dog food brands that are high in protein, meaning that they list real meat and fish sources as the top ingredients on the list. Real meat, eggs, dairy, and meat meal are full of protein and therefore excellent Dog Supplements To Build Muscle that are easily obtained.

Find Dog Supplements To Build Muscle In Food

Meta and meat meal should be the first ingredients on the list. Meat meal (such as chicken meal, fish meal, etc.) is made from the whole cut of meat, but the moisture is removed prior to cooking. That means meat meal actually has a much higher protein percentage and provides far more beneficial nutrients to your dog than a whole cut.

Some good choices of a high-protein dog food include:

Protein Dog Supplements To Build Muscle

What Are Some Good Dog Supplements To Build MuscleBeyond the muscle support, protein also helps repair muscles, skin, and other body tissues. Protein also helps with hair growth and keeps your dog’s immune system strong and running at top speed, just as it should be. There are many different protein Dog Supplements To Build Muscle on the market today since it is the number-one choice for building lean muscle mass. Experiment with one of these, or find a brand that your pup likes and incorporate it into her diet:

Dog Supplements To Build Muscle Also Include Omegas & Antioxidants

Omega Fatty Acids can work wonders in your dog. While they don’t exactly increase muscle mass, they still help build muscles by reducing damage because they have anti-inflammatory properties. Omega Fatty Acids can reduce swelling and pain and keep your dog actively using the muscles that have taken time to build up. You’ll find Omega fatty acids in fish products, flax, and many oils such as sunflower and canola. You can also find Dog Supplements To Build Muscle in Omega form, such as:

Antioxidants are considered Dog Supplements To Build Muscle, but their main goal is to help repair it. Adding a few supplements to doggy’s diet will help keep her healthy and continue to keep muscle growth going:

Keep Moving

Dog Supplements To Build Muscle are full of good things to help increase muscle mass, but they are also be filled with necessary components to heal muscle as it is being built. Building muscle requires activity, so getting your dog out and about is one way to get that muscle going. There are several activities that will build muscle on your dog, including:

  • Daily walks. When walking your dog for conditioning purposes, don’t let her stop and smell the roses; keep moving at a steady pace. Include a few short bursts of jogging or running to get maximum benefits to her body.

  • Swimming. This is one of the best exercises for a person and it’s the same for your dog. It works on cardio and builds stamina without straining joints or muscles.

  • Agility training. It’s not just for dog shows; get Spot to walk on a narrow board, crawl in a tunnel, or jump over obstacles. It’s great for coordination, flexibility, and even confidence.

  • Weight training. Your dog needs to work all of her muscles and adding some weight pulling is an excellent way to get her involved. Tug-of-war is always a great way to use resistance, as is uphill running.

Using Dog Supplements To Build Muscle can go a long way toward getting her into the best shape ever. It’s all about her good health, so choose foods and activities wisely and your dog can overcome anything that genetics throw at her.

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