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What Are Some Good Dog Supplements For a Healthy Coat

What Are Some Good Dog Supplements For a Healthy Coat

How many times have you heard someone marvel at how thick and shiny your dog’s coat is? If the answer is not-too-often, you might need to do something about that.

Check Out That Coat

Your dog’s coat will tell you a lot about your dog’s overall health.

One look at your pup can tell you exactly what’s going on with him, physically and emotionally. Thick, shiny fur means that he’s happy, healthy, and thriving. Fur that is sparse, greasy, or dull says something else. When you take a few minutes to brush and wash your dog’s coat regularly, you’ll get to know exactly how he should look. When things aren’t looking too good, you’ll know it.

Beware Of Fleas And Parasites

Fur is the place where the critters meet; fleas, ticks, and various parasites love to find a furry dog and take up residency in her coat. When the coat and skin are in poor condition, it’s more inviting to these unfriendly pests. Unhealthy skin and fur can lead to deeper infections from fleas and ticks, and that can be very uncomfortable to your dog. Keeping the coat clean is the best way to prevent infestations, but even if the fleas come calling, you’ll be able to take care of the problem easier when the skin is in good condition.

Something Smells Funny

Your nose can tell you a lot about your dog’s coat. We all know about wet-dog-smell, but your pup should smell good between baths. If you notice that he starts to smell musky or just stinky, it could signal a bacterial infection or fungus. Smelly dog can also mean that he has dry skin, which can be treated with Dog Supplements For A Healthy Coat. Skin fold dermatitis can happen in dogs like pugs, bulldogs, spaniels, and shar-peis, so pay special attention to those breeds. And should your dog still have a bad odor right after a bath, you might need to visit the vet to figure out why.

Looking Out For Hair Loss

Some dogs can suffer from hair loss and bald patches. Shedding is normal, depending on the breed and the season, but when it becomes excessive, there might be a problem. Several causes of hair loss include:

  • Allergies
  • Cushing’s Disease
  • Genetics
  • Infection (ringworm, mites, bacteria)
  • Rash
  • Insect bites

Taking good care of the coat and skin can alleviate many of these problems, and the right Dog Supplements For A Healthy Coat can help.

Dog Supplements For A Healthy Coat Include Omega-3 & 6

Your dog’s food will have quite a bit to do with how thick and healthy her coat is. The most important Dog Supplements For A Healthy Coat are the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They will make your dog’s coat thick and her skin supple. Therefore, you should look for dog foods that include these important ingredients. You’ll need to read the labels carefully, but you can find high omegas in flax seeds and flax oil, menhaden oil, salmon oil, and even canola oil. Some of the brands on the market that include these include:

An omega supplement can be purchased separately and added to your dog’s food, such as:

The B Vitamins Are Perfect Dog Supplements For A Healthy Coat

This is a leader in the race for the best Dog Supplements For A Healthy Coat and biotin is the best. Without enough B vitamins, your dog can end up with brittle hair, crusty skin, and a dull color to her fur. Green veggies and nutritional yeast all have high levels of B vitamins. Dog food with green veggies included are:

There are plenty of brewer’s yeast and B vitamin Dog Supplements For A Healthy Coat that can be purchased separately, too:

The Wonders of Vitamin A

What Are Some Good Dog Supplements For a Healthy CoatVitamin A is one of the important Dog Supplements For A Healthy Coat and skin due to its regenerating properties. If your dog suffers from seborrhea, or dry scaly skin, additional vitamin A in his diet will be very beneficial. There are several Dog Supplements For A Healthy Coat that include vitamin A that will not only help his coat, but his joints and overall health as well:

Or, look for a dog food that includes sweet potatoes, carrots, or pumpkin, such as:

You can also feed your dog the real thing if he isn’t too picky!

The Last Word In Healthy Coats: Zinc

Many Dog Supplements For A Healthy Coat include zinc. You might be aware that many diaper-rash creams are zinc-based for their protection and healing of skin problems. You can use this type of cream on your pooch, but talk to your vet to determine the right kind. Adding zinc to the diet is essential, as it boosts immunity, helps with enzyme production, and creates a beautiful coat. Zinc can be found in beef, lamb, pork, poultry, and salmon. Dog foods that are plentiful in zinc include:

And of course, you can find zinc supplements everywhere, which would be an excellent addition to your dog’s diet for superb health. Try:

There are plenty of ways to help your dog achieve the healthiest, shiniest coat ever; take your pick. A healthy dog is a happy dog and your dog deserves to get back all the happiness he gives to you.

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