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How To Teach Your Dog How To Bring You Anything! (Video)

Teach Your Dog To Bring You Anything

Every dog owner has had the daydream of their dog going to the fridge, grabbing their favorite beverage (for us dudes that normally means a beer) and having the dog do this all on command. But most of us never put in the type of effort or training require this to make this a reality.

What if I was to tell you that YOUR dog can do this and you can have a lot of fun teaching this to your dog. In the below video, you will see how you can train your dog to bring you just about any item that you want. Please take special note in the below video about how much fun this guy is having with his dog, even when the dog does not perform the tasks in the way that he wants them to be performed. The key here is to HAVE FUN! you would be very surprised about what you can teach your dog if training is fun and enjoyable. So take a look at this video and maybe it will give you some encouragement…

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How To Train A Dog To Bring You ANYTHING

Step 1: Start With A Tired Dog

Whenever you are teaching your dog a brand new trick, it is important to begin the training after your dog has already exerted some energy and is not in a hyper state of mind. One of the best times to begin a training session with your dog is after your dog has gone for a walk or has expelled a lot of physical energy and has had some time to wind down from that. As soon as your dog has calmed down after some physical excitement it is time to begin the training. A tired and focused dog will always learn faster than a hyper and excited dog.

Step 2: HAVE FUN!

The first step when teaching your dog how to bring you absolutely anything is to have fun (I realize I’m hammering this point pretty hard, but for good reason!). If you’re not having a fun time during your training than you need to stop and resume the training another time. If you notice that your dog is becoming anxious or upset during the training process it is best to take a break. You also want to make sure that you always end any training session on a good note. Even if your dog did not perform the tasks that you wanted your dog to perform, always end of the training with positive energy and excitement.

Step 3: Use Something Other Than A Toy

When choosing the object that you want your dog to bring to you on command, it is important that you choose an object that your dog does not associate as food or a toy. The point here is you want your dog to bring you something – not play with it. While it is possible to use a toy that your dog has never seen before, we prefer to use objects that your dog would never recognize as something to play with. This will set the foundation for you to teach this same trick using a nearly limitless number of objects. In the above video, you will notice that the trainer used a cooler. When you are teaching your dog this trick for the first time, we recommend that you use something a little bit easier for your dog to pick up and carry. You can use a T-shirt, a paper towel roll (with or without the plastic covering still on it), an empty shampoo bottle, or something else that is very easy for your dog to pick up and carry.

Step 4: Have A Reward Ready!

You’ll also want to have a reward ready for your dog when he or she performs a positive task. This is known as positive reinforcement dog training. We also strongly recommend using clicker training for this type of training as well. It can be massively successful. One of the main things to consider when selecting treats for your dog is how healthy or unhealthy those treats that might be. In the image below, you can see some of the treats that we think are a bit healthier but still provide enough motivation for your dog. You know you’re dog best, just remember that feeding your dog too many unhealthy traits can lead to stomach upset and diarrhea issues.

Training Treats For Dogs

Step 5: Be Patient!

In order to teach this trick effectively, you must be extremely patient with your dog. There may be some days where your dog just does not seem to be able to understand what you are trying to teach him or her. Other days, your dog might understand right away but then completely forgets about it the next day when you try to do it again. Never give up and just allow your dog to go at the pace that is most comfortable for him or her. If you feel that you are trying to force something or you feel that you are getting aggravated it is important to and on a good note and just try again later. There we mentioned that you should have fun?

And that’s about all there is to it! It does not matter if your dog is a puppy or a senior dog, all dogs can learn new tricks and in fact it is very mentally stimulating which can lead to a more balanced and relaxed dog. You will also notice when you teach your dog tricks such as this one your bond will grow even stronger. So‚Ķ HAVE FUN!

How To Teach Your Dog How To Bring You Anything!
How To Teach Your Dog How To Bring You Anything!

Ever wish your dog could fetch you a beer or go grab the newspaper in the morning? Watch this step-by-step video and teach this awesome trick to your dog!

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