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What Type Of Dog Beds Are Most Comfortable For Dogs?

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Where does your dog sleep? Whether he sleeps on the floor, your couch or your bed at night, he needs a place that’s soft and comfortable to call his own. A pet bed, situated in a dry and warm corner of your home, provides a sense of security and ownership, and a safe place for your dog to retreat during the day. The type of bed you choose determines your dog’s overall comfort. There are some many types of beds that it can be a challenge to find just the right one for your furry friend. Here’s a look at the best types of dog beds to keep your pet happy.

Choosing the Right Bed

Dog beds come in various shapes, sizes and materials. Two of your most important considerations are the bed’s size and comfort. The bed should be large enough to accommodate the dog, whether he’s curled up or sprawled out. Purchase a bed that will leave room for growth, stretching and sprawling.

Larger breeds need more room, but their beds should also be sturdy and thick to cushion their weighty bodies. For an older dog, consider specialized beds that provide relief from common complaints, like arthritis.

Classic Beds

Before padded, cooling and orthopedic beds came along, there was the standard dog bed. This type of bed is much like a large pillow covered with flannel, fleece, microfiber or similar soft material. A foam padding or other soft filling on the inside keeps dogs off hard and cold floors. Today, standard dog beds are available in numerous shapes, sizes, designs, and materials to satisfy every taste and budget. The size of the bed determines the cost, but if you need special features, such as odor control, you can expect to pay more. Remember, a clean bed deters insects and improves your dog’s comfort, so choose a bed with removable covers that you can toss in the wash.

Dog Beds For Cuddlers

If your dog likes to cuddle up in your recliner or perch his head on your pillows, it’s a clue that your dog needs a nesting or cuddler-type bed. This bed is much like a traditional bed with raised edges that provide cuddle-in comfort. Like standard beds, nesting beds are available in various shapes, styles and sizes. The Slumber Ball version provides a high-walled security your dog will love. It’s especially great during the colder months as it will retain heat better than most beds. If your dog suffers from arthritis or other orthopedic conditions, the cuddler bed may not be a great option as it might be difficult getting in and out of the enveloping softness.

Orthopedic Beds

Ortho foam, used in orthopedic dog beds, provides a comfortable and supportive resting place for any dog. The beds are more expensive than standard beds, but they’re worth the cost if your dog has joint or muscle soreness, hip dysplasia or arthritis. Apart from providing a comfortable resting place, orthopedic dog beds can improve your dog’s health by reducing pressure on the joints and bones for a more restful sleep. Although, they’re specifically designed for dogs with orthopedic complications, other dogs will appreciate the comfortable resting place that an orthopedic bed provides. Service dogs and active pooches will look forward to resting their sore muscles in its warm comfort at the end of each day. For a portable option, you can use an orthopedic pad, which works great on a standard dog bed, in a cage, or in the car.

Bolster Beds

Larger breeds have a difficult time finding a comfortable place to rest. A bolster bed, with its raised armrest, provides a perfect place for dogs to rest their heads. The most common option comes with a half-bolster, but you can also find one that offers 360-degree support. Washable varieties make it simple to keep your dog’s bed clean. Other options include heated, orthopedic, eco-friendly and cooling bolster beds, which increase the final cost, but are worthwhile if your dog is comfortable.

Heated Beds

Help your dog ward off winter chills with a heated dog bed. This type of bed provides gentle heat, which is perfect for colder months or for ailing pets that need the warmth. Dogs with joint problems and arthritis also benefit from heated beds, which loosen up stiff joints. Look for energy-saving varieties to warm up your dog without putting a strain on your energy bills. Traditional heated beds use wires or batteries, which are potentially harmful to your pet. Energy-saving models rely on a unique inner core and plush fibers, which reflect your dog’s body heat to provide a warm and cozy place to rest.

Cooled Beds

Like heated beds, a cooled bed is a novelty item – which is obvious from the price tag. A cooled bed is designed specifically for cooling dogs down when temperatures are extreme. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, a cooled bed will provide instant relief when he comes indoors. It is also perfect for long road trips if your dog will spend the entire journey in the back of a semi-cooled vehicle.


Cots are great for indoor and outdoor use. They provide a raised sleeping area to keep your dog off hot, cold or hard surfaces. An added advantage is that they keep your dog out of the pathway of troublesome pests. Cots feature a plastic or metal frame with a mesh resting area. Cots for larger dogs will require a lot of space to fit the cumbersome frame. However, they’re perfect for dogs with thick coats as they let air circulate freely to keep dogs cool when it’s hot outdoors. Place a simple padded bed or heavy blanket on the cot to provide a cozy place for your dog to sleep at night.

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a comfortable bed for your dog. You’ll have to consider the dog’s age, personality and health concerns, as well as your budget and the space available in your home. Compare a variety of styles so you can be sure the bed you choose will deliver the comfort your pet needs.

What Type Of Dog Beds Are Most Comfortable For Dogs?
Article Name
What Type Of Dog Beds Are Most Comfortable For Dogs?
Where does your dog sleep? Whether he sleeps on the floor, your couch or your bed at night, he needs a place that's soft and comfortable to call his own.

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