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Merrick: Best Food Ever

Merrick: Best Food Ever

History Of Merrick

Merrick was founded in 1988 by Garth Merrick, a dog lover from Texas. The company started simply by manufacturing dog treats. The first treat was the “Flossies” which was a treat designed to clean teeth and improve dog breath. The treat became so popular, that Merrick decided to expand to making flavorful dog foods. Merrick decided to focus on creating handcrafted, all-natural pet foods rather than just using a scientific formula. They believe that an all-natural, delicious dog food not only is enjoyable for dogs, but can offer the same nutritional value as a scientifically-formulated food.

As the brand expanded, Merrick started sourcing higher quality ingredients from trusted farms and eventually introduced newer and better flavors in 2003. Then in 2004, they created their highly-rated, award-winning grain-free recipe line. Merrick has continued this trend of updating their food lines as more innovative technologies and nutritional science advances. In 2012, they launched the “Real Food Revolution” which focused on providing delicious dog foods that were made from 100% real ingredients. To date, Merrick remains one of the leading natural dog foods on the market.

About Merrick

As the company developed, they created a “Five Star Promise.” The Five Star Promise is a quality guarantee addressing each aspect of their dog food. The first is they only rely on local growers to source their ingredients. Secondly, they only use real, whole-food ingredients and have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives to provide the most real food on the market. Third, they produce all their food in an FDA-approved, certified organic, human grade kitchen. Fourth, the provide balanced nutrition with high levels of meat and complex carbohydrates. Finally, the fifth promise is that you will see results from their food in the overall health and happiness of your dog. They believe so strongly in their five promises that they offer a full refund to anyone who has not seen improvement in their dog’s health and well-being.

Merrick Products

Merrick makes a full range of wholesome products for dogs. All their foods are made with natural ingredients, that are handcrafted to provide a full range of nutrients for your dog. They are a leader in natural dog food, and have no unnecessary chemicals or additives that can be found in other brands.

Merrick offers products for all life stages from puppy to senior, as well as limited ingredient options, freeze-dried raw, and targeted for a range of health benefits. They also offer dry dog food, wet dog food, and dog treats.

Their formulas include:

  • Grain Free
  • Backcountry
  • Backcountry Raw
  • Limited Ingredient
  • Classic

Merrick dog food comes in a variety of classic flavors like chicken, salmon, beef, and lamb. They also offer game meat selections like buffalo, venison, and rabbit. They also specialize in gourmet flavors like Brauts-N-Tots, Cowboy Cookout, Grammy’s Pot Pie, and Turducken. Merrick also offers a range of seasonal flavors so your dog will never get bored.

Merrick also has a rich nutritional profile that is fortified with added vitamins and minerals to support a healthy and strong immune system. Their foods are also loaded with omega fatty acids and contain glucosamine and chondroitin to support heart and joint health. Merrick foods also provide tons of energy and are appropriately balanced to maintain a healthy weight.

Merrick Grain Free dog food is formulated with the same natural ingredients as all of Merrick’s dog foods, however they are made 100% grain free for dogs with grain intolerances and allergies. Grain Free starts with with a real meat protein source then adds a variety of vegetables to provide complex carbohydrates and dense nutrition.

Merrick Backcountry dog food is designed to mimic the ancestral diet of wolves. Backcountry is made grain-free with novel game meat proteins and power-packed raw bits. Backcountry is as close to a natural diet as it gets.

Merrick Backcountry Raw dog food, like Backcountry dog food, is designed to reproduce the natural diet of wolves but is made with completely freeze-dried raw bits. This formula can be used as a primary food source or added to other foods for extra nutrition. So no matter what route you go, you can ensure your dog gets the natural nutrition it needs.

Merrick Limited Ingredient is formulated with a single protein source and a limited range of ingredients. Even though it has less ingredients, it still provides the dense nutritional profile of Merrick’s other dog food lines. However, Merrick Limited Ingredient is easier for dogs to digest so it is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs or those recovering from chronic illness.

Finally, Merrick Classic is their original dog food formula. Merrick classic is an all natural food that contains fiber-rich, minimally processed grains for extra energy. It uses a range of vegetables and protein sources to provide optimal nutrition. It contains no corn, wheat, or soy products, so you can trust Merrick Classic to provide the best nutrition to your dog.

Merrick also offers a variety of dog treats to help supplement all your dog’s nutritional needs:

Reviews Of Merrick

Merrick dog food has won awards for its natural recipes. It is a USA Healthy Pet Food Choice and has won “Pet Food of the Year” from the Glycemic Research Institute. It is also highly-rated among veterinary nutritionists for its biologically-appropriate, healthy formulas and their Limited Ingredient line is highly recommended post-surgery.

Beyond winning awards for the health and nutritional value, Merrick also has incredibly high reviews for being one of the best tasting dog foods on the market. Dogs love the impressive variety of flavors, while dog owners love the health benefits. Merrick has an average of 4.5-5 star reviews on online pet food stores from Petco to Chewy. Overall, the reviews for Merrick dog food are incredibly positive. The only downside is that the food is pretty expensive, typically around $60 for a 25lb pound bag.

With the positive reviews, highly quality standards, and impressive variety, Merrick is a fantastic option for your dog. So if you are looking for a natural dog food, consider feeding Merrick to your beloved companion animal.

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