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Should You Feed Your Dog Fresh Food?

Should You Feed Your Dog Fresh Food?

Fresh foods are the newest trend in dog food. You will notice freezers popping up in dog food aisles at grocery stores and in pet speciality shops. These freezers are filled with fresh foods, which have not been heavily processed with preservatives so they have a reduced shelf life. Many dog food owners are curious about these products and want to know what they are and if they are a good option for their dogs. Here is a basic rundown of fresh foods and some recommendations for the best fresh foods on the market.

What Is Fresh Food?

Why Are Dog Foods Made With Vegetables?

Fresh food is a type of dog food that is made with fresh ingredients and few preservatives. Most fresh dog foods are a type of raw dog food that uses human-grade quality ingredients. Most fresh food dog foods are typically organic, locally sourced, and are formulated for easy digestion. Fresh foods are minimally processed to maintain the nutritional value of their ingredients. Fresh foods are available at most pet stores but can often cost more than traditional dog foods.

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Why Should I Feed My Dog Fresh Food?

Switching From Puppy Food To Adult Dog Food

Beyond using healthier ingredients, fresh foods are a great way to feed your dog a raw food dog food diet without worrying about the nutritional integrity of the food you are providing. Fresh foods were formulated to specifically maximize the nutritional value of their ingredients, so you can trust your dog is getting all the nutrition they need. Since they are minimally processed and made with whole, natural, high quality ingredients, fresh foods are great for dogs with food intolerances and sensitive digestion. Fresh foods are also a great option for dog owners looking to introduce their dogs to a raw foods diet who do not have the time to prepare their dog’s meals everyday and are also concerned about providing them balanced nutrition. Fresh foods can be fed as the primary food source but also can be used to supplement your dog’s diet or as a special treat.

The Three Best Fresh Food Brands

Since fresh food is a newer trend, there are not that many fresh food options on the market yet. However, here is a list of the three best fresh foods available for your dog:


Freshpet is the market leader in fresh dog foods. Their products are widely available at grocery stores, speciality markets, and pet retail stores. Freshpet uses a variety of natural, locally sourced, and organic ingredients in all their products. They minimally process them and are constantly looking for ways to improve their recipes. Freshpet foods come in four main product lines Select, Vital, and Vital Raw so you can find the perfect fresh food for your dog.

Freshpet Select is their standard product line. Freshpet Select comes in slice and serve rolls and roasted meals. They are made with limited ingredients including meat, organ meat, vegetables, and whole grains. The rolls come in chicken and vegetable, beef and vegetable, turkey and chicken, and chicken and spinach flavors and are available for adults and puppies. The roasted meals come in two varieties of chicken.

Freshpet Vital contains their enriched, grain-free, and raw lines of foods. The enriched line known as Vital Balanced Nutrition has the same great ingredients as Freshpet Select but is enriched with omega-3s, kelp, and flaxseed and comes in turkey and chicken flavors. Vital Grain-free is a high protein formula containing 80% and no grains. Vital Grain-free comes in two varieties slice and serve rolls in salmon, beef and bison, and turkey flavors and roasted meals in beef and lamb and chicken, beef, and salmon flavors. Finally Vital Raw is the raw foods line that is preserved with probiotic technology. Vital Raw comes in slice and serve rolls in both chicken and beef flavors. Vital Raw is also 100% grain-free.

Zoe’s Premium

Zoe’s Premium is a newcomer to the fresh food market. Zoe’s Premium dog food is a raw dog food made with whole food ingredients like raw honey, millet, and kale. Their food is organic, containing no antibiotics or hormones. Zoe’s premium is made with no fillers and natural preservatives. Zoe’s Premium comes in three delicious flavors turkey cassoulet with white beans and squash, chicken and sweet potatoes with millet and peas, and steak and lentils with pearl barley and kale. Zoe’s Premium is kept frozen until you boil the bag in hot water at meal time.

Just Food For Dogs

Just Food For Dogs are a specialty raw dog food company based in Newport Beach. They are a small company with a local restaurant where they produce high quality fresh food meals. Just Food Food Dogs is a grain free, organic, filler and preservative free food. Just Food For Dogs comes in beef and russet potato, eggs and ham, venison and squash, chicken and rice, salmon and sweet potato, lamb and brown rice, and a seasonal special. They also make a specialty blend called Balanced Remedy specially formulated for severe digestive problems and post-surgery recovery. Just Food For Dogs will also put together a customized meal plan just for the needs of your dog.

These are just some of the great fresh food options available on the market and more dog food manufacturers are starting to offer fresh food options as owners demand better quality foods. Fresh foods are particularly great for people who want to try putting their dog on a raw foods diet. They can be the primary food source or just a great way to supplement your dog’s diet. Either way they are a great option to check out if your dog has digestive issues or you just want to give them a special treat.

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