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Canidae: Pet Food Made By Pet People

Canidae: Pet Food Made By Pet People

History Of Canidae

Canidae was founded in 1996 in Brownwood, Texas by Scott Whipple and John Gordon. Scott and John met while working at a pet food retailer and quickly realized that other manufacturers were not meeting the needs of their clients. So they decided to start manufacturing their own line of healthy, natural dog foods. They enlisted the help of veterinarian nutritionists to formulate a biologically-appropriate natural food that met the dietary needs of dogs. They then started producing small batches of their food, selling bags door-to-door. Eventually they developed enough of a loyal customer following they were able to start manufacturing their foods at larger level and distributing their products naturally. Today, very little has changed from their original formula and Canidae is recognized as one of the top natural dog foods on the market.

About Canidae

Canidae has made a commitment to ethical processing and only providing dog foods made with the healthiest, natural ingredients. Their food is manufactured at their Ethos Plant in Brownwood, where their motto is character, honesty, and integrity. They believe that all the ingredients in their food should be very transparent so that consumers know exactly what they are feeding their dogs. Their source all their ingredients from independently-owned small farms and ranches from all over the globe. They believe their food should only be made with the highest-quality, natural ingredients and stick to their commitment with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their impressive business model has won them several awards including Inland Empire Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award for entrepreneurship.

Canidae also believes strongly in charitable giving and has provided a range of support over the years to pet-related charities. They have helped provide discount food to animal shelters, raised money for finding cures to chronic illnesses than impact pets, and have a scholarship program for veterinary nutritionist students. So when you buy a Canidae product you aren’t just supporting the health and wellness of your own dog, but the health and wellness of dogs in need.

Canidae Dog Food Products

Canidae manufactures their dog food line a wide range of natural ingredients including free-range meats, game meats, fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. Their food is also highly fortified with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and omega fatty acids to provide dense nutrition in each bite. Their dog food line is extremely high quality and does not use any harsh chemicals or extreme processing methods for preservation. Canidae also does not use any artificial colorants or flavors, instead relying on their ingredients to provide an appetizing flavor.

Canidae offers products for all life stages from puppy to senior, as well as, grain-free, whole grain, limited ingredient, small and large breed, multi-dog, and weight management. They also offer wet food, chewy treats, and biscuits.

Their formulas include:

In the Canidae All Life Stages line comes in a variety of formulas for large breed, large breed puppy, and platinum. They are made without wheat, soy, or corn so they are great for dogs that have digestive intolerances or allergies. They are also recommended for households with multiple breeds because they provide the key nutrition all dogs need. All Life Stages is also formulated to meet the needs of your dog at any life stage so you don’t have to worry about making the often difficult transition between foods when your dog reaches different ages. Though Canidae does offer their All Life Stages formula for large breed puppies and adults. Finally, their Platinum All Life Stages comes in:

Dry Food:

Wet Food:

Canidae’s All Life Stages also offers a variety of meat-based treats to add protein and essential amino acids to give your dog a boost of energy.

Canidae Grain-Free PURE is their most famous line. It is a limited-ingredient dog food that only uses 7-10 key recognizable natural ingredients. It is also formulated as grain-free so it is perfect for any dog that has sensitive digestion. Canidae PURE is also made primarily with meat, so it has a very high protein rating of up to 32%. Canidae PURE is a great line for working and active dogs who need an extra boost of energy. It is also a great food for dogs who are suffering from chronic illnesses that limited their ability to effectively process food. Finally, Canidae PURE is recommended for pregnant and nursing dogs who need extra protein for their puppies. Canidae PURE comes in:

Dry Food:

Wet Food:

Canidae PURE also has a compatible line of treats that include grain-free biscuits and chews.

Canidae Food Reviews

Canidae has also won awards for their natural dog food formulas. In 2016, they won the Golden Collar Award for their high quality standards. They are also very highly rated by veterinary nutritionists, meeting the AAFCO nutrition standards for their formulas.

Canidae is also a very popular food among consumers. Comparing the online reviews they tend to average a 4.8 out of five-star rating. Dog owners have noticed that after switching to Canidae, their dogs had more energy. They also note their dogs showed less symptoms of allergies like itching and scratching and flaky skin and coat. Canidae’s PURE line is especially popular for senior and rescue dogs.

Canidae has only had one voluntary recall since they began operating. In 2012, they recalled a batch of their food for possible presence of salmonella. Otherwise, they have not had any other recall issues.

So if you are looking for a natural dog food, you should consider Canidae. With their policy of ingredient transparency, healthy formulas made with natural ingredients, and positive online reviews, it’s a great food to consider for your dog especially if they have digestive issues.

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