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Are Dog Supplements For Puppies Really Necessary?

Are Dog Supplements For Puppies Really Necessary?

Everyone knows that babies need special nutrients to build their bodies, bones, and brains. Everything that they once got from their mother’s body will now need to be supplemented through breast milk and food. Though puppies are not the same as human babies, they still require special care and love. Being so little and just learning how to be alive, they rely on their mother for feeding and care until about three weeks of age when they begin to slowly ween. By eight weeks, they turn to you, their owner, for proper support.

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The Power Of Protein

It is important that you give your puppy the best start in life as possible. This means good nutrition that will help them become strong and build a good immune system. When thinking about Dog Supplements For Puppies, one thinks of protein as one of the most important components of a puppy’s diet. When you make the choice on what kind of food to feed your new pup, be sure that it has plenty of high-quality meat protein to give him ultimate energy.

As long as you choose a food that is specifically tailor made for puppies, you should find enough protein without having to consider protein-packed Dog Supplements For Puppies. Be sure that whatever brand of food you choose is made for puppies; not for dogs. There is a distinct difference in ingredients and this is not the time to discover how much of a difference it can make. Look for the following brands to ensure a high-quality meal for your puppy:

The Fatty Acids Really Are Essential Dog Supplements For Puppies

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), like omega-3 and omega-6, are fantastic Dog Supplements For Puppies that can help promote healthy hearts and keep coats and skin shiny and supple. EFAs can also help build muscle and strengthen joint tissue in young pups. A puppy who is deficient in EFAs can end up with digestive disorders, eye disease, and even allergies. Some of the best sources for EFAs include fish oils, hemp oil, and coconut oil.

Digestive Aids Are Essential

Are Dog Supplements For Puppies Really Necessary?More of the important Dog Supplements For Puppies are probiotics and digestive enzymes. All living things depend on certain enzymes to function well. Though dogs and cats alike can produce certain digestive enzymes on their own, they do not often produce enough of them for proper digestion. To keep your puppy’s metabolism going strong, she’ll need digestive enzymes such as:

  • Protease to help break down protein into amino acids
  • Amylase to break down carbohydrates
  • Lipase to break down fats
  • Cellulase to break down fiber.

Look for these digestive enzymes and more in the following products:

Probiotics promote healthy flora in your puppy’s gut and can help her with good digestion. They can aid the good bacteria and stunt the bad bacteria, giving your pup limited experience with diarrhea and tummy upset. Some good brands to try are:

Dog Supplements For Puppies Include Important Minerals

The minerals that you should consider giving to your puppy are calcium and phosphorus, as these are crucial in the developing years of puppyhood. Phosphorus is typically the most common mineral that is deficient in animals worldwide. Calcium is the most important mineral required by the body to aid in bone formation, blood coagulation, and nerve impulse transmission. Be careful to get the right balance without including too little, or too much, in your puppy’s diet. Some good Dog Supplements For Puppies that include calcium or phosphorous are:

Vitamins That Are Good Dog Supplements For Puppies

Chances are, your puppy food will have enough vitamins included in the balance to give your growing dog what he needs; but be sure that vitamins A and D are part of the mix. Recent studies have shown that dogs who are deficient in vitamin D are more at risk for certain cancers, and having enough in the body helps with muscle strength, diabetes prevention, and cardiovascular conditions. Vitamin A helps with skin, coat, muscles, and vision. Be careful with dosage on these supplements as they are both fat soluble vitamins. Vitamin-based Dog Supplements For Puppies include:

For puppy food that is high in vitamin A, look for those that contain dark leafy greens and bright orange colored veggies, such as:

Puppy food that contains Vitamin D will have ingredients like eggs, beef, and fish included, such as:

A Little Bit Yeasty

Last, but not least, when looking at Dog Supplements For Puppies, don’t count out brewer’s yeast. It is a common supplement for dogs that is safe for puppies. Many owners find that it helps promote shiny, healthy coats and clear skin while boosting the immune system. Since it is full of B-vitamins, it promotes general health and wellbeing for your puppy’s growing body. Bonus: Some research shows that it can also keep fleas and ticks away naturally. Brewer’s yeast comes in many forms, such as:

Keeping your puppy healthy and happy is your number-one goal, and by including some of these Dog Supplements For Puppies into her diet, you’ll likely reach that goal much easier.

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