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The 10 Most Popular Private Label Dog Foods

The 10 Most Popular Private Label Dog Foods

Purina is currently the best selling dog food brand in the world. However, private labels make up 16% of the total dog food market share. Private label brands tend to be healthier, use better quality ingredients, and have more well-rounded nutrition than mass produced dog foods. So it is important to know what private label foods are on the market so you can understand what nutrition is available for your dog. Here is a list of the top ten best selling private label dog foods and what kind of nutrition they can offer your dog.



Acana and Orijen

Acana and Orijen are manufactured by Kentucky-based manufacturer Champion Foods. Champion Foods prides itself on manufacturing “biologically appropriate” dog foods from natural ingredients. They source and manufacture their foods domestically from regional suppliers. Their “biologically appropriate” recipes include high quality, human-grade free range and wild caught meat with limited carbohydrates. They use no fillers, no artificial colors or flavors, and only use natural preservatives. Acana and Orijen comes in a variety of product lines of dry dog food for all life stages. Acana and Orijen are extremely popular brands because of their high quality ingredients that use innovative manufacturing techniques to produce nutrient-dense food.




Addiction was founded in 2002 in New Zealand by a holistic veterinarian intent on formulating the healthiest dog food. Addiction is a holistic dog food that is formulated for the total health and wellbeing of the dog. Addiction uses a variety of locally sourced game meats and whole foods to provide dense nutrition. Addiction produces dry dog food, raw dog food, canned dog food, and dog treats in a range of unique flavors. Relying on high quality manufacturing techniques and a sustainable supply chain of ingredients, Addiction has received awards for eco-friendly production. Addiction is incredibly popular because they make hypoallergenic food that has some of the highest quality standards in the world.



Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo was founded in 2003 and was one of the first dog food manufacturers to incorporate game meats into their formulas. Their wildly popular Wilderness line was created to mimic the natural diet of wolves in the wild. Blue Buffalo is also a whole foods product line that does not include meals, corn, wheat, soy, or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Blue Buffalo has several product lines including dry dog food, wet dog food, fresh dog food, and dog treats. Blue Buffalo is popular because it is a market leader in innovative natural dog food.



Dr. Harvey’s

Dr. Harvey’s was founded by the nutritionist Dr. Harvey Cohen in 1980 after discovering the terrible ingredients in most dog foods. Dr. Harvey’s was one of the first ultra-natural dog food lines and continues to be incredibly popular to this day. Dr. Harvey’s produces two very high quality unique product lines. The first line is a premix that is used to make nutritionally-balanced homemade dog foods. The pet owner just adds meat and oil. The second product line is a raw dog food that is reconstituted with water. These innovative products allow owners who want to put their dogs on a raw dog food diet the ability to do so safely. Dr. Harvey’s continues to be a market leader in natural dog food.



Nature’s Variety

Nature’s Variety is a dog food manufacturer based in St. Louis, Missouri that focuses on holistic nutrition. Nature’s Variety uses whole foods ingredients and high pressure processing techniques to ensure the nutritional integrity of their ingredients. Nature’s Variety has two lines a raw foods line and a traditional line that come in limited ingredient and high protein. Nature’s Variety produces both dry dog food and wet dog food as well as treats. One of the things that makes Nature’s Variety so popular is their rotation diet which allows a greater variety of nutrition and flavors guided by their veterinarian nutritionists.



Stella And Chewy’s

Stella And Chewy’s is a natural dog food company based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They pride themselves on sourcing the highest quality meats like grass fed beef, cage free chicken, and wild caught salmon. Their food is minimally processed and either freeze dried or frozen to preserve the integrity and nutritional value of the food. Rather than only kibble, they offer perfectly proportioned patty meals that are packed with dense nutrients. They also offer a line of treats and meal mixers. Stella and Chewy’s is popular among dog owners who want to provide their dog with a raw food diet without the risk of nutritional deficiencies.



Taste Of The Wild

Taste of the Wild is a large private label dog food with four manufacturing plants across the United States. Taste of the Wild is manufactured using domestic games meats and is designed to mimic the diet of dogs in the wild. Taste of the Wild uses high quality meat, a superfood blend, and supplemental vitamins and minerals to produce a food with a high nutritional profile. Grain-free, full of probiotics, and made with exotic meats, Taste of the Wild is incredibly popular among dog owners who have dogs with sensitive digestion issues, food intolerances, and allergies.



The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen was founded in 2002 in Pacific Beach, California. The Honest Kitchen uses human grade ingredients that have been minimally processed using dehydration to preserve the flavors and nutrients. The Honest Kitchen offers a diverse line of natural dog foods including kibble, wet food, toppers, treats, and supplements. They also offer a line of base mixes for homemade raw dog food. The Honest Kitchen is incredibly popular because it offers a diverse variety of healthy, high quality natural dog foods.




Wellness actually started in 1926 as Old Mother Hubbard dog biscuits, but was rebranded as Wellness in 1997. Wellness was created by a team of veterinary nutritionists, veterinarians, and scientists. Wellness is a whole foods, natural dog food made without artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, by-products or fillers. Wellness is incredibly popular because it provides complete nutrition at a reasonable price and is widely available to consumers.



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